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Wiser is a tailored news experience for every person in your company — a single online hub and daily email to find all the latest news about your sector, market, role and projects.

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Steve Schlafman
Steve Schlafman
  • Principal
  • RRE Ventures
Because news, data and information play such an important role in our business, Wiser has become an integral part of our daily workflow.

Wiser helps you: Discover, Share & Recall


Spend less time searching for relevant information by relying on the Wiser Intelligence Engine

Wiser Web

The Wiser Intelligence Engine constantly tracks thousands of articles in real-time, monitoring their quality, relevance to your interests, and whether they're trending with thought leaders in your industry, and selects the very best for you on the web and in your Digest.


Follow topics, companies, and people in your industry


Search across thousands of articles, industry reports, and blog posts in real-time


See what’s trending across your industry’s thought leaders and premier newsletters


Get critical information to the right people on your team


Share important information with your colleagues through our browser extension or via email.


Add a comment and reply to others’ comments


Alert key teammates or groups


Highlight an excerpt that you don’t want your colleagues to miss


Keep key insights organized for when you need them the most

Wiser Web

Find every piece you’ve ever engaged with on your profile


Tags help you gather content around key projects or topics


Search across all of your organization’s activity




Try Wiser with your closest colleagues


Discover, share and act on information at every level of your company.


Custom integrations and whitelabeling for large companies

Number of seats Up to 50 Up to 500 Unlimited
Price $49/month $499/month Custom

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